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We commercialize innovations

We are a Polish deeptech company, conducting R&D of additive technologies. Our projects result in developing completely new manufacturing technologies. We finance our projects by providing top-of-the-line hardware and comprehensive manufacturing services.

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Additive Technologies

We function as a hardware house. We create new industrial solutions and tailor-made machines. We aggregate a variety of additive technologies, making us effective in meeting today’s industrial and scientific needs.

Research and Development

The R&D department is a key element in our company’s development strategy. Its main function is prototyping new solutions in the field of additive technologies. Through its involvement in innovative projects and use of the latest technologies, this department contributes to building Sygnis SA’s competitive advantage on the Polish and European markets.

Scientific Aparature

We provide the highest quality research equipment. We make it easier for scientists to conduct research, simplify the work of laboratories, and enable them to reach for new technological possibilities. In our offer you will find a wide range of types of equipment.

Use the services of our manufacturing center, where, using rapid prototyping methods, we realize advanced projects for business customers, industry, as well as for the world of science and art. We will take care of your project at any stage: from the first sketch to the last printed layer. See us live at Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw!

The perfect place for any 3D printing enthusiast! In our store you will find the best 3D printers, 3D printing materials, accessories and peripherals on the market from suppliers such as FlashForge, Sinterit, Markforged, DWS, Mimaki, 3devo, Apium and many others. Start your 3D printing adventure, order the necessary accessories, improve the solutions you already use!

We are a Polish manufacturer of professional machines, present on the market since 2012. We have developed the Zmorph Fab multi-purpose multitool, the Shape countertop thermoforming machine and are working on the Zmorph i500 high-performance 3D printer. We focus on providing reliable solutions for education, prototyping and technical applications. Our machines are available worldwide through official partners on all continents.

DIW flagship product line

Original Sygnis machines; F-NIS, Sygpast and E-NIS. Use in industrial companies, universities and research institutes and laboratories. DIW machines are simple and reliable tools, enabling seamless printing from a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid materials including silicone, ceramic paste and photosensitive resin.

Wiedza ma Warstwy™

Popularization of science and professionalization of knowledge are integral parts of Sygnis’ activities. In this segment, we present specialized articles on various branches of science and technology sectors.

We conduct webinars where we talk to prominent specialists from around the world. We share our know-how and offer comprehensive technology consulting. 

Sygnis S.A. implements projects co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Pomeranian Development Agency.