[CASE STUDY] IDEA 3W statuettes for Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

The 3W: water-hydrogen-carbon project is a new initiative of the Bank of National Economy. The aim of the project is to support the world of science and business in the development of modern technologies used in industry, energy and medicine. On behalf of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, we have prepared unique statues for the 3W Competition, presented to the winners during the annual 3W Congress.

Water, hydrogen, carbon

The above three resources properly used will change the Polish economy into a more innovative and competitive one. 3W is a long-term project to activate society, business, science and government. It is also an effort to promote sustainable development of the economy and society. In September 2022, Sygnis S.A. signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the dissemination of the 3W idea, as a result of which, together with BGK, we began a joint effort to make Poland an international center of innovation, where new solutions will be created that will bring us closer to achieving a better, safer and more sustainable economy.

IDEA 3W statuettes design

The IDEA 3W statue is an interpretation of the impact of carbon and hydrogen on the world around us and the immediate future of humanity. Scientific discoveries related to these elements are constantly driving the development of modern technology and are among the so-called “disruptive innovations.”

The IDEA 3W statue consists of 3 pillars of the initiative:

  • Water: represented by a rippling glass sheet;
  • Carbon: a wave-inducing molecule, 3D printed;
  • Hydrogen: 3D printed from a graphene material base, referring to structures used in hydrogen cells.

We tested coasters made of graphene-containing filament for the presence of this material
in the laboratories of the Department of Physics at the University of Warsaw, using Raman spectroscopy.

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We made a total of 9 statues, 3 places for 3 categories of the 3W Awards: Science + Business + Public Administration.

In just one month, we were able to realize: dies for molding glass sheets and the sheets themselves, 3D prints from casting wax on a WaxJet 3D printer, bronze and silver castings with gilding,
a range of prints in other technologies, and full assembly of the final objects.

The statuettes were handed out at BGK’s 3W Congress Gala.

Statuetki IDEA 3W wykonane przez Sygnis SA na zlecenie BGK

Responsible for the design of the IDEA 3W statuette were:
Maciej Glowacki, Karolina Sulej and Grzegorz Buczynski.

The IDEA 3W statuettes were made in the SYGNIS SA Machine Park by:
Piotr Piskorski, Adam Zaorski, Marcin Pillich, Mateusz Staszak, Filip Danyluk, Vadim Sherehov, Olga Kozlowska and Grzegorz Buczynski.

Development of photo materials was handled by:
Katarzyna Wilczek and Olga Kozlowska.

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Within the framework of Project 3W of the Bank of National Economy, Sygnis S.A. contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and education in the area of responsible management of water resources, the development of hydrogen technologies and the use of coal in non-energy applications, particularly in materials engineering, as well as support for the commercialization of the most promising innovative projects in the area of carbon nanotechnologies, preparation of materials, studies and reports devoted to the issues of nanotechnologies and their practical application.