[CASE STUDY] Did you know that The Voice of Poland statuette is 3D printed?

We are already after the finale of the last edition of The Voice of Poland. On this occasion, we would like to remind you and at the same time boast about our ongoing cooperation with the production team of this program. This year, for the fifth time, we 3D printed the well-known statuette that the winners of all Polish editions of the talent show reach for. Read about the history of its creation!

It all started a few years ago, when we were approached by the production team of The Voice of Poland program. Using additive technologies, they wanted to replicate the statuette, which had previously been produced by casting. Why such a change? 3D printing in this case means faster turnaround and much lower production costs while maintaining the same sensational visual effect.

Let’s go back in memory to our first collaboration in 2018

Based on the 2D flat model received, the Sygnis design department prepared a 3D file of the statuette. The 3D design was created from A to Z in eight hours! Set on a stand, the statuette depicts a hand holding a microphone and is a recognizable symbol of the program. The production department took care to ensure good accuracy and quality of the 3D printing done. After the necessary tests and a “green light” from our technologists, we presented the result to the client.

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The 30-centimeter statue was printed in less than 20 hours on a 3D printer working with FDM technology. It was a FlashForge Dreamer five years ago, and the material used was ABS filament. We used this type of filament for 3D printing because it is amenable to processing. As a result, we were able to achieve the right surface smoothness, preparing the fabricated part for the next stage of work, i.e. painting. It is worth noting that without proper surface preparation we would not have been able to apply the coatings properly.

On the left, The Voice of Poland statue before spray chrome plating, on the right – already after chrome plating.

After these steps were completed, the statuette went for spray chrome plating. Thanks to the chrome plating, it was given a shiny sheen, which looks great in the limelight. One of the final steps was to add weight to the statuette so that it would have a weight appropriate to the award’s stature. We did this by adding appropriate flat bars. These had to be specially secured so that they would not move when the statuette was lifted. At the very end of the work, we attached an engraved plaque at the base. Ready for travel, the statuette could from now on go into the hands of the program winner.

Postprocessing of the printed statuette of The Voice of Poland.

This was the case five years ago. What has changed over that time?

Uninterruptedly since 2018, every year we make a batch of three statuettes of The Voice of Poland. Over the years, we have become proficient at producing the final “handles”, as that is what we colloquially call VoP statuettes 🙂 We are currently printing on a FlashForge Guider IIs 3D printer. Thanks to this modern machine, which is very intuitive to use, and its flexible table, we easily print and take prints off the working platform. The enclosed work chamber and high-temperature extruder make the FlashForge Guider IIs ideal for making projects for the manufacturing and scientific sectors.

“Hand” during the 3D printing process.

During this year’s edition of The Voice of Poland you could also see the result of our work! Did you expect that the prize the winner holds in his hands is printed on a 3D printer?

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We have one of the statuettes in our collection and often travel with it to conferences and trade fairs, presenting it as an example of successful, long-term cooperation. If you_would_ like to see the “handle” live, visit us at one of the numerous events we participate in or drop in for a coffee at our Prototyping Terrace at Varso Place on 73 Chmielna St. See you there!

The finished statue of The Voice of Poland.