We respond to the needs of scientists

We are one of the few companies in Central and Eastern Europe that distributes such a rich cross-section of machines and software dedicated to research groups, scientific institutes and laboratories. The Sygnis SA team includes numerous specialists in various, well-defined fields of technology and science. A solid hardware base and experienced staff allow us to provide state-of-the-art research solutions, ensuring proper training, care and service.

The department responsible for the sale of scientific equipment offers machines that fit into such areas of scientific exploration as 3D bioprinting, omics sciences, tissue engineering, super-resolution and holotomographic microscopy, two-photon photopolymerization, ultra-high vacuum systems and many others!

Toward a better future

Our guiding idea is to support scientific institutes, research groups and scientists in both Poland and the entire CEE region, so that they can achieve the results of their research work even faster. After all, the beneficiaries of their achievements is all of humanity!

We import the best and most promising modern technologies and install them in research facilities, universities and laboratories. Thanks to the equipment we supply, numerous research groups are able to lay the groundwork for phenomenal new discoveries, which we often support in subsequent commercialization to make them accessible to everyone.

We work in the following areas:

3D Bioprinting

Microscopy systems

Tissue Engineering

Ultra-high vacuum systems

Surface Analysis

Plasma Activation

Sygnis SA is a distributor of, among others: