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5TH EDITION - 28-30.09.2021

We invite you to participate in regular meetings in the form of webinars, during which you will learn about the applications of additive technologies in theory and practice. Each time we invite exceptional guests to cooperate with us, who will talk about the latest technological solutions and implementations in both the industrial and scientific sectors.

Below you will find a list of all webinars, divided into three main segments.

Tuesday 28.09. at 12 p.m.

Bioengineering unleashed! Enabling researchers to engineer biomimetic in-vitro microenvironments

Webinar in English
PRIMO is an optical module, like a Video projector, which can be docked to an inverted microscope. Using its internal UV light source and the Leonardo Software, PRIMO can project micrometer-sized light patterns onto samples to generate 2D or 3D microenvironments for cells. These microenvironments can be fine-tuned in their rheology, topology, and biochemistry to resemble the living organism. Consequently, more reliable in-vitro systems can generate physiologically relevant cell-based assay, which to a certain degree can replace animal testing.

Dr. Mehmet Deniz Akyüz

Busines Development and Innovation Manager w Alveole

Mehmet completed his master’s degree in medical biology at Hacettepe University in Turkey, where he specialized in genetic testing, in vitro assays, and biotechnology. He then decided to join the CECAD institute in Cologne where he received his PhD degree in Genetics while working on DNA damage responses in mammalian skin. Since 2016, he has worked as a Business Development Manager and Innovation manager at Alvéole. He is responsible for developing strategic business partnerships and in charge of new product development. 

Wednesday 29.09. at 12 p.m.

Stereolitography systems at the service of industrial production (jewelry, fashion, general manufacturing)

Webinar in English
During the webinar you will learn about the advantages of using stereolithographic systems DWS Systems in additive manufacturing in extreme conditions. You will also hear about the perks of 3D printing of meltable, functional, elastic, hard or temperature-resistant parts. Finally, our guest will describe the applications of stereolithographic 3D printing techniques in jewellery production, manufacturing decorative elements, including those in fashion, and precise production on injective parts.

Massimo Petrilli

Business Unit Manager w DWS Systems

Born in Udine (Italy) on 29.04.1967, graduated in Political Science at the University of Padua, manager for 30 years in various fields such as: agricultural machinery, heating, industrial laser machinery, refrigeration, home appliances, furniture and design. In the last 6 years specialized in 3D systems for prototyping and industrial production.

Thursday 30.09. at 12 p.m.

EnviroESCA: Routine XPS surface analysis under environmental conditions

Webinar in English

Since many decades XPS (or ESCA) is the well-accepted standard method for non-destructive chemical analysis of solid surfaces. To fulfill this task existing ESCA tools combine reliable quantitative chemical analysis with comfortable sample handling concepts, integrated into fully automated compact designs. Over the last years it has been possible to develop XPS systems that can work far beyond the standard conditions of high or ultrahigh vacuum. Near Ambient Pressure (NAP) XPS has become a fast growing research field inspiring many scientist to transfer the method to completely new fields of application. Thus, by bridging the pressure gap, new insights in complicated materials systems have become possible using either laboratory X-ray monochromators or synchrotron radiation as excitation sources under NAP conditions.

Based on this experience, SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH has developed a revolutionary tool to realize the long existing dream in many analytical laboratories: routine XPS surface analysis under any environmental condition. EnviroESCA is designed for high-throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the field of medical technology, biotechnology and life sciences. It offers the shortest loading-to-measurement time on samples of all types including liquids, tissue, plastics and foils, powders, soil, zeolites, rocks, minerals and ceramics and allows for different applications, like extremely fast solid surface analysis of degassing or non-degassing samples, XPS analysis of liquids or liquid-solid interfaces, chemical analysis of biological samples, materials and device analysis under working conditions (in situ/in operando studies of catalysts, electrochemical devices etc.). It enables the user to investigate even the most challenging samples that were incompatible with traditional XPS equipment.

The presentation will underscore the new capabilities of EnviroESCA, a fully automated tool in a new sophisticated and compact design with uncompromising ease-of-use and describe the completely new fields of applications for the established analysis method XPS.

Dr. Liana

Sales Manager Eastern Europe w SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

Liana Socaciu-Siebert received her Diploma in Physics with a specialization in material science from the University of Craiova in Romania and completed her academic training with a combined MSc. at the Politehnica University of Bucharest and the Freie Universität Berlin in the field of photoelectron spectroscopy (2PPE) of noble metal nanoparticles on surfaces. During her PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin, she investigated the catalytical properties of noble metal clusters in CO oxidation reactions. She continued her work in surface science as a post-doctoral fellow at the Hahn-Meitner Institute in Berlin and the German Federal Institute of Standards and Technology (PTB) before joining SPECS GmbH. After few years of coordinating different Asian and European markets she became technical expert for NAP-XPS product portfolio in the sales department, prior to changing to the position of Sales Manager Eastern Europe.


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