Comprehensive technological consulting

We will perform an analysis of your idea and advise which technology is the best fit for your project. To safeguard your interests, we will sign an NDA agreement to protect your company’s intellectual property.

We are a leader in technology consulting in Poland, specializing in the implementation of additive technologies in companies and institutions, construction of specialized machinery, research and development projects and short production runs. We create customized solutions using the vast experience, education and technical background of our employees, as well as in-depth market research and material analysis. We have launched dozens of products using rapid prototyping methods and supervising mass industrial processes.

Possibilities of additive technologies

In many industrial plants 3D printers are already a standard tool for maintenance engineers. It is easy to calculate that with 15 machines and a failure rate of 0.30, reducing production resumption by just 6 minutes saves more than 55,000 EURO annually.

In many companies, most prototypes are made on the production machines available in the plant, which most often disorganizes production and raises executive costs (the average cost of one hour of downtime of a small production line is about 1 100 EURO – almost as much as the cost of a 3D printer, with the help of which such downtime can be easily eliminated). How can we help change this? Suggestions are presented below.

Technological audit

Familiarizing Sygnis’ specialists with the current state of the recipient’s technology in the production area with quality control, in the design and R&D departments. The audit also covers how the various departments communicate, work with documentation and data archiving.

Conducting the audit includes:

  • An online interview with a Sygnis specialist.

  • A lecture at the recipient’s headquarters on additive technologies being developed worldwide.

  • A visit by the specialist to the recipient’s audited departments.

  • Establishment of the recipient’s development goals.

  • Provision of the audit report prepared by the visiting specialist to the recipient. The audit report includes a commentary on the existing state of the technology, jointly set development goals and recommendations for actions to achieve these goals.

Technology consulting

Hire access to a team of Sygnis specialists for a specific project or technology issue. The team consists of a leader and two specialists.

Consulting consists of:

  • A dialogue between the client and the technology leader, focused on familiarizing the specialists with the specific problem and the resources to solve it; the leader engages additional specialists in the dialogue if necessary.

  • A project implementation proposal proposed by the team of specialists.


  • Pricing of project implementation proposal.

  • Care of the team of specialists in the process of implementation – activities involving the appropriate management of the established budget, implementation of all purchases on behalf of the recipient, management of the project implementation process.

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