We create breakthrough technologies

The key function of the R&D department is the research and development of modern additive technologies, and its projects focus on improving processes, developing new materials, machines, solutions and innovations in this field. A significant advantage of Sygnis SA over similar departments at other companies on the Polish market is the fact that it has a comprehensive prototyping infrastructure on site. Among the machines used in prototyping work are, for example, a 5-axis machining center, 3-axis milling machines, lathes, a locksmith workshop with a welding and painting shop, a casting shop, as well as a farm of 3D printers working in a wide range of technologies: FDM (including prints from high-performance polymers such as PEEK), DLP, LCD, SLS, MJP, DIW, LTG and others. Combining rich equipment facilities with a strong network with Polish scientists and research centers, we ensure remarkable efficiency and speed in solving technological problems.

The strength of the R&D team

The R&D team consists of 25 specialists, headed by Marcin Adamczyk, PhD – an engineer, leader and manager with several years of experience gained in executing and leading numerous R&D class projects in the deeptech industry. The structure of the department also includes four Technology Leaders – project managers who conduct research and development work within the company’s operations. Each of the Technology Leaders leads his own team consisting of various class of specialists: electronics engineers, foundry engineers, material scientists, designers, chemists and physicists.

The department’s headquarters are located at the University of Warsaw’s Science Campus. Within a radius of less than 1 km are also laboratories of the Warsaw Medical University, the Institute of Fundamental Technological Problems of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics or the International Institute of Molecular Biology. Such a location provides a wide range of opportunities for cooperation with scientific and research entities, as well as facilitates access to advanced laboratories and measurement infrastructure (Sygnis SA participates as a partner in the CEPT II project).

The R&D department is a key element in the company’s development strategy. Through its involvement in innovative projects and use of state-of-the-art technologies, the department contributes to building Sygnis SA’s competitive advantage on the Polish and European markets.

Value of implemented projects

34,023,994.03 PLN

Total funding

27,693,390.15 PLN

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