Signing a letter of intent with BGK on cooperation in dissemination of the 3W idea

The Management Board of Sygnis SA, based in Warsaw (hereinafter: the Company), informs that today it has signed a letter of intent with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – a state bank based in Warsaw, in which the parties declared their will to cooperate in the dissemination of the 3W idea (water, hydrogen, coal), ie:

  • cooperation in the dissemination of knowledge and education in the area of responsible management of water resources, the development of hydrogen technologies and the use of coal in non-energy applications, particularly in materials engineering,
  • cooperation in supporting the commercialization of the most promising innovative projects in the area of carbon nanotechnologies,
  • preparation of materials, studies and reports devoted to nanotechnology issues and their practical application.

The signing of this letter of intent demonstrates the parties’ commitment to the spread of the 3W idea. The signatories will jointly strive to make Poland an international center of innovation in the 3W idea, which will produce new solutions that bring the country closer to achieving a better, safer and more sustainable economy.