INSPECTIS digital microscopes

INSPECTIS digital microscopes are characterized by high work ergonomics, precise design and a wide range of working distances. Working in a comfortable position allows you to perform the assigned tasks more efficiently.

INSPECTIS microscopes are available in two basic versions:

  • Integrated plug-and-play system with built-in stand and LED lighting
  • Modularly configurable systems with a wide variety of stands, illuminators, lenses and image capture solutions.
U30 and U30s models

Thanks to high resolution and sensitive sensors, INSPECTIS digital microscopes provide excellent quality images of even the smallest details, such as elements in micro mechanics, metal stents, ceramics, elements made of glass and plastics, PCB soldered joints or metal parts with high light reflectance.

INSPECTIS U30s and F30s modular microscopes can be easily implemented as in-line optical inspection systems by mounting them in commonly used production racks.

INSPECTIS S-type modular microscopes are fully configurable with a wide range of mounting and lighting solutions.

Connect the INSPECTIS digital microscope to the standard HDMI input of a 4K UHD display and benefit from brilliant picture resolution, high contrast and vivid colors when optically inspecting any object.

Key benefits:

  • A wide range of magnifications. zoom 1: 30x
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Dedicated solutions for science and industry
  • Designed with ergonomics in mind
  • Developed for inspection of the smallest details
  • Stable stands
  • Fast autofocus
  • A wide range of accessories

INSPECTIS digital microscopes have been designed to be as intuitive for the user as possible. They offer true ease of use with minimal interaction with the settings and configuration of the microscope. All basic parameters such as zoom, brightness and color levels can be controlled by the user via the built-in buttons at the top of the device.

Zespół Sygnis SA
Zespół Sygnis SA