Signing a contract for the supply of a GSD-type super-resolution microscope

The Management Board of Sygnis S.A., based in Gdańsk (hereinafter: Sygnis), informs that today it has concluded an agreement with the Marcel Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), based in Warsaw, for the sale and delivery of a super-resolution microscope of the GSD (Ground State Depletion) type, together with equipment, for the net amount of PLN 1.6 million (payment will be made after the object of the agreement has been fully executed). As part of the contract, Sygnis is also obliged to install and commission this microscope, provide calibration slides, and train employees of the Institute of Experimental Biology in its operation. Sygnis will provide a 36-month warranty for the microscope and is obliged to provide at least 36 months of warranty service. Sygnis is obliged to complete the contract in full within 90 days from the signing of this agreement. The agreement also contains provisions for contractual penalties, the amount of which will not exceed 30% of the net remuneration.

Management indicates that the super-resolution microscope that is the subject of this agreement is designed for applications in biology. This microscope is a system with highly advanced capabilities, the operating principle of which is based on quantum physics solutions, the realization of which was only made possible with the development of technology in the 21st century. It provides tracking of the luminescence of individual atoms with the help of an advanced algorithm, which allows imaging living tissue or observing physiological processes of a living organism at 10 times better resolution than a normal microscope.