R&D projects in-house and on demand

We are an R&D company. We want to effectively change the world with our inventions. We solve problems and create new solutions in the areas of new additive technologies, biotechnologies, power engineering and nanotechnologies. Thanks to our projects, breakthrough ideas in the field of energy storage, expanding access to nanotechnological solutions, as well as pioneering methods of saving life are created. We are up-to-date with the development of material research all around the world, bringing the best solutions to our machine center, in order to provide the best possible environment for science and industry projects.

Stronger together

Our team consists of outstanding specialists in manufacturing methods, materials science, widely understood machine construction, automation, electronics and low-level programming. Such wide range of competences allows us to be completely independent in the process of creating new solutions and their validation. In turn, the extensive production facilities allow us to meet our and our customers’ needs, especially in the field of “proof-of-concept” services.

Don’t know how to start?

We help others in implementing their groundbreaking projects. Let’s start with a conversation and we will surely find the best way to achieve success – i.e. implementation. We will become your partner in research and development works financed from external sources. We can act as both a subcontractor and a consortium member. We will complete all the formalities required in the part of the project assigned to us.
  • We will plan the development process related to a specific area of ​​the project – we will designate the necessary actions and determine the time of their implementation;
  • We will prepare a detailed budget for the project;
  • We will assess the risk of failure of the original plan and designate alternative routes;
  • We will prepare the part of the application for funding related to the designated area of ​​the project;
  • We will take part in an expert panel assessing the application for funding;
  • We will prepare reports on the project performed as part of the cooperation and technical documentation of the project.

Our Clients:

Development and construction
of the device or the production process

When you have an idea but are not sure if it will work or if you want to present the result to a potential investor, we will find a way to conduct reliable concept trials at the lowest possible cost. We will determine the purpose and course of the tests, prepare a final report with a description of the results and development potential.
Based on the specified requirements, we build the first version of the device, assuming that some elements will change. We implement the prototype when you know what you want to get from the machine, but do not know how to build it.
Proprietary test / laboratory stand
You know exactly what you needs to test and what data to collect. We strive to achieve the desired functionalities and convenient access to modifications.
Construction of machines
When you need support in an existing, in-house design of the device to achieve the desired end goal: lower production costs, better aesthetics or performance.
Our projects include:
  • Conducting research and development processes of the development of thermal 3D printing technology from low-temperature glass;
  • Constructing a multifunctional hybrid 3D printer with a real-time quality control system;
  • Development of printing technology from biomaterials and construction of a 3D bioprinter for the automated creation of bionic organs;
  • Development of a universal carrier for non-conductive ceramic pastes for use in 3D printing systems.

Small R&D
Our work is not only about devices. We also carry out the so-called “Small R&D” – short-term research orders in the area of ​​testing the possibilities of individual manufacturing technologies. If you are not sure what to make elements of your project from, we will develop it for you. Small R&D means also commissioned research on the state-of-the-art on a given topic and commissioned material tests.