Sygnis does not slow down

On the market, they are distinguished by the fact that they have chosen one of the most difficult and experimental paths of development. The principles of rapid prototyping translate into the dynamics of the company organization, methods of team cooperation and exceptional professional ethics. Recent years, and this year in particular, have shown that contemporary technological challenges on a national and global scale require previously unknown methods of coordinating the activities of interdisciplinary research processes.

Photo 1. Andrzej Burgs and Grzegorz Kaszyński

Focus on R&D

Established in 2015, Sygnis New Technologies initially dealt with the distribution and service of 3D printers. Two years later, when many companies filed for bankruptcy, Sygnis managed to stand strong by completely changing the business direction. The team of technologists, gradually gaining experience and skills, had the opportunity to prove themselves in battle and to go out into the open, implementing original R&D projects, building specialized machines and developing the expert position in technological consulting.

Around 2018, Sygnis had already laid the foundations for a new path by strengthening cooperation with universities and research institutes. From that moment on, Sygnis worked on its good reputation and the status of a trustworthy company in the hardware technology consulting sector, as well as exceptional recognition in the public sphere. Several larger and a dozen smaller R&D projects carried out simultaneously are the new normality that has come to the company long before any news about the pandemic. In addition to them, Sygnis’ machinery park carried out orders for clients. Both typical and more unusual ones. The steadily increasing variety of materials and machines as well as a wide range of production methods allowed for the implementation of projects that the competition was unable to undertake.

The Pandemic period

Even the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic did not slow down the company’s development. From the second half of 2019, it was no longer a single company, but the Sygnis Technological Group, that proceeded to the next projects with all possible precautions. In addition to the sanitary rules required by the restrictions, an in-house car sharing system and safety procedures “on production” were introduced. It was also not without support for people on the front lines in the fight against the pandemic. Quickly responding to the current needs, a significant amount of personal protection equipment was produced in a short time, Polish laboratories were equipped with hundreds of test tube racks, laboratory machines were repaired and orders for medical personnel and education workers were carried out. Sygnis also supported the campaigns “#startujemyzpomaganiem” and “Jesteśmy Razem. Pomagamy!”.

park maszynowy W sygnis źródłem rozwoju druku 3d
Photo 2. Sygnis New Technologies machine park


This year, despite the pandemic, the Sygnis Technological Group has expanded to include another company, this time in the field of medical devices. For this purpose, an ISO 7 laboratory cleanroom was built at Żwirki i Wigury 101 St. in Warsaw and 24 new jobs were created. Additionally, the Group focuses on constant change and new development directions. NCBiR recommended for co-financing two Sygnis New Technologies projects for a total amount of PLN 17.5 million as part of the “Fast Track 1.1.1” competition. The year 2021 is marked by fascinating spin-offs, large marketing-research-manufacturing projects, which will testify to the benefits of cooperation between the academic community and the industrial sector, as well as the return of the well-known project – Syglass.