Exponential growth of ideas

Strangeness of the moment hit me like a sudden, waking sound of the alarm clock while I was walking through Mokotowskie Field in Warsaw. So many people went outside without their masks on their faces it made me curious how in the hell are we going to fight this XXI century curse of urbanization. In my workplace the “new normal” means full integration of new sanitation rules, frequent hand washing, wearing masks, using disinfectants, implementing limits of social connections. If we were creating software products or simply dealing with services, we could all sit in our homes and connect via Whereby or Zoom. But we are dealing with production here.

No amount of online communicators could replace simple face to face brainstorming session of interdisciplinary team of specialists at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw. Together, they have decided to work closely to their machines and each other in order to fully grasp all contexts of the discussed issues. Despite the current epidemiological situation they continue to focus on coordinating multiple ongoing R&D projects. This is the shortest description of the everyday struggles of the engineers at Sygnis Technological Group.

Even when COVID-19 explodes on the planetary scale and falls on every corner of the Earth, the science and technological research has to move on. To adapt in order to survive. There are no true innovations without empirical science that the ground-breaking ideas could fall back upon. This is the veracious reason that our company cooperates so close with the scientific community. 

Being an agile enterprise full of different yet aligned individualities situates us in ideal position to accelerate scientific – business projects. Sometimes, the projects we participate in seem unearthly, like the innovative 3D printing technologies (creating the world’s first low temperature glass 3D printer from scratch, building a dedicated machine for 3D printing from ceramic pastes for the Institute of Power Engineering) or fascinating international partnerships regarding e.g. designing intelligent air intakes for aircraft or personalized gynecological pessary project. What’s interesting is that it’s not about the project’s size. It’s all about the idea’s capability of re-shaping the present. Be it rapid prototyping of specialized laboratory stands for coronavirus test tubes or unique restoration of forgotten Polish baroque orders. At Sygnis these ideas grow.

There are moments at which I recognize this strange contrast between the grandiose of new technologies of which we are a part of and the commonly-known mundanity of simply being at work every day. It’s no mystery that crises crush daily routine, and with it, the greyscale of ordinary life.

And it makes me wonder that at Sygnis we are not going back to normal, we’re taking a leap forward.

science of generative 3d printing
Photo 1. Sea Anemones – Generative, 3D printed jewellery project

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